Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spicy tomato jam

Besides the complete set of pictures for whole canned tomatoes, this is the recipe I lost the most pictures of. At least I still had enough to post with, but I did have to re-stage a lot. This is from this recipe on the food in jars website. I did ended up peeling my tomatoes, but I never seed them. I also decided to do this in the slow cooker as opposed to on the stove. It took all day, but it was low maintenance and I didn't have to do much other than mix, stir every hour or so, check consistency, and can when done.

the spices, brown sugar, and salt - note I don't have pictures of adding the spices, etc

chop peeled tomatoes - or use picture from another recipe

add tomatoes, sugar, and spices to slow cooker

cook for hours until you get this

can into jars sizes that you can use in a month after opening

use on veggie smeat, veggie burgers, anywhere ketchup can be elevated

My new favorite condiment.