Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And now for the kimchi

Here is how I interpreted the kimchi recipe I made for use in the previous post on scallion pancakes. First I love kimchi, but being a vegetarian presents challenges. So there is this little thing called 'Sauce for Vegetarians' made by a Vietnamese company. You can usually find it at a good asian market. Fortunately I have one and the little lady that runs it makes these delicious homemade sesame balls, so I really can't complain when I have to keep going back because I always forget to buy sichuan peppercorns. Anyway back to the matter at hand. I pretty much followed the recipe except I used the vegetarian fish sauce and I made a paste of thai hot chili peppers instead of using korean chili powder. I can't complain. We ate a whole jar the first time we opened it and had to make another batch because the first three jars I made were almost gone in a week. Without further ado - kimchi, simple, quick, yummy, thanks caroline!

all the fresh stuff you need to make spicy/sour good stuff

trim your daikon by peeling the whole outer circle before the radial lines

chop, or have husband chop so you can take a better picture

add salt water and let sit overnight

see the veggie fish sauce, mostly fermented soy, mostly awesome

have your helper make the paste of garlic, ginger, chiles, and 'fish' sauce

look it's tomorrow and I have way more water than I started with, but save it

tossing the cabbage and daikon with the green onions and chile paste

pack in jars topped with reserved water and let sit in an outside room for 3-4 days, then refrigerate

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