Thursday, November 20, 2014

Potato leek soup with herb pistou

I love potato/leek soup, but I don't love it cold. I also love it with cream, but can't make it that way for my family, so I serve it hot, add a few more things, and make it delish. This recipe includes an herb pistou that I found. Pistou like pesto works well stirred into things as a garnish or as a burst of fresh flavors.

potatoes, leeks, carrots, oil, salt, and pepper

cut the carrots, trim and cut the leeks

wash and save the greens for making veggie stock

saute leeks and carrots in oil

peel and chop the potatoes

add to the pot with lots of water, and some salt and pepper, simmer till veggies are very soft

make the pesto - parsley, oil, lemon, salt, sugar

blend parsley, oil, and lemon together; and season to taste with salt and sugar

blend soup well

season with salt and pepper

serve garnished with pistou

Soup is good!

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