Sunday, August 14, 2011


I really do love cook's illustrated. The scientific method is awesome. This is their 'perfect brownie' recipe. I follow it almost exactly, but having three kids, one of whom is a sugar addict, I took from a 9x13 to a 9x9 recipe and added more cocoa, and umm subbed hot coffee with a dash of cream or coconut milk instead of espresso powder. I also cut these into smaller pieces to make them last, but still they go fast. I can't make them too often as my sugar fiend won't sleep if he knows there are uneaten brownies to be had. But who can argue with three types of chocolate in one little morsel. It also helps that I can make the whole thing in one pot.

all my ducks in a row, note how well used the recipe is

weighing my chocolate

mix chocolate, cocoa, coffee, and 'milk' product till chocolate melts

turn off heat and add oil, butter, and eggs

suddenly it turns so yummy looking

then add your flour and salt

fold in more chocolate

pour into a buttered pan and bake

serve with more coffee, or ice cream

Chocolate good!

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