Sunday, July 15, 2012


For father's day my husband requested a quiche for breakfast. For breakfast I tell you. I don't think he has ever made a quiche from scratch before. Needless to say I was up at 6am, but it was well worth it. As you know he is milk free, so instead of spinach and cheese I went for sausage and onion, with veggie sausages of course. I forgot until almost the end that I had a little vegan cheese sauce left, so I threw that in for more savory goodness, but clearly you can make this with anything you like. The key is cool any ingredients you cook before mixing them into the eggs, and pour the egg mix into a hot crust. Both of those steps will ensure a yummy quiche. I made the pie dough the night before so it could chill using the illustrious J. Kenji Alt-Lopez's Cooks Illustrated vodka version.

eggs, onion, veggie sausage, butter, salt, pepper, coconut milk, and pie dough

roll out your pie dough

press into plate and chill

saute your onions and veggie sausage and let cool

once chilled blind bake the crust

mix eggs, coconut milk, salt, and pepper, add a little vegan cheese sauce you remembered you had

stir in cooled onions and veggie sausage

pour into hot crust and bake in a medium oven

remove once poofed and set, let cool slightly

serve up warm, and slightly less warm for seconds

where did it all go?

Most  yummy!

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