Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roasted veggies plus garlic

So last Tuesday I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner. Thankfully our CSA provided a nice selection to choose from. I just grabbed the root vegetables, peeled and cut them up in big chunks, threw them in a pan with salt and olive oil, roasted them at 400 for ~45 minutes, and we had a yummy dinner. Okay so I made some cous cous and some quorn nuggets for the kids. But I also needed some garlic and lo and behold I it was actually time to harvest our garlic.

Seriously easy to grow. It was growing wild in our neighbors yard and I asked and she told me the previous house owner had planted it because he was a big rose gardener and apparently they love to grow with each other (one of the few things roses actually like nearby). So I planted some garlic in our roses and some in the other part of the yard. Same soil, same sunlight, same water—the ones with the roses were twice a big. The fun thing is though, when you harvest take a few puny ones, break them up, drop a single clove back in the hole you just pulled from and voila you are done. Simplest thing ever.

csa vegetables

homegrown garlic

simple dinner

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