Sunday, January 15, 2012

Potatoes and cabbage

I truly love this dish. I make it more often than my kids would like. It is a great side with veggie sloaf, veggie sausage, or like tonight, just on it's own. It is a super simple cabbage, potatoes, and onions meal. Just the sorts of things you might find in the bottom of your crisper while digging around for something to make for dinner.

potatoes, cabbage, onion, oil, salt, pepper, and here, a random turnip or two

slice and saute your onions in oil

rough chop your cabbage

peel and cube your potatoes (and turnip)

saute potatoes in oil until they just start to brown

add chopped cabbage

cover and cook until cabbage softens

then add salt and pepper - nothing more, I really mean it no paprika, no cumin, no tumeric

once it cooks down add onions
and cook stirring occasionally until potatoes turn into mush

serve with ketchup for the kids

and with hot sauce for the adults

Mmm, hot bowls of mushy potato, cabbage, and onion. Seriously it is really good.

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