Monday, June 4, 2012


For our recent block party odd numbers got to bring dessert and even had to bring a main/side. I am happy we live in an odd numbered house. I made three different desserts. My husband doesn't eat sugar and we try to keep the kids sugar free at home, so I went a little nutty when I got to make something sweet and couldn't pick just one recipe to make.

This one was the second favorite. It is a recipe out of food and wine and after making the recipe and tasting the bars I would change the way it was made drastically. It feels like one of the recipes where they take a banquet size recipe and reduce it to family portions but the actual end result didn't come out just right. For example the bottom was really hard, so next time I won't cook it first. The dulce de leche and chocolate layer did not cover enough especially on the top layer. I would definitely use more of each next time. Either way though, they all were eaten happily.

such a product placement shot, I am not even going to say what they are

mix your salt,, flour, and baking soda

stir in your oats and sugar

then cut in your butter

crush your pecans and stir flour into the dulce de leche

start with a layer of oat mix (pre-baked here, but next time I won't)

then add half of chocolate chips, pecans, and dulce de leche (note I'm doubling these next time)

then top with rest of the oat mix and the rest of the chocolate chips, pecans, and dulce de leche

bake thirty minutes, cool, cut and serve

Apparently a ladybird favorite.

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