Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stuffed squash blossoms

I think I have mentioned before that we grow pumpkins and squash just to collect the blossoms. We have had these three times so far this year, plus two batches of squash blossom soup, and I have enough blossoms for another round of either. When you pick your blossoms remove the stamen and sepals right away. The blossoms keep in the fridge for 3-4 days in a paper towel as long as no one throws something else on top of them and makes them all flat (you know who you are). You can gently pry open any that stick a little.

Usually I have done a chile relleno batter with whipped egg whites, but this year I have been experimenting with panko. Now panko burns easily, so we have been using soft cheeses like chevre or cream cheese for the stuffing. If you want to use a melting cheese like monterey you will need to use a folded egg batter since it has to cook longer in order for the cheese to melt and therefore will need to hold up to the heat. Also with a folded egg batter you dredge in flour first then eggs. With a breaded batter that cooks quickly, you dredge in egg first then the flour/bread mix. Either way they are delicious.

all you need is blossoms and cheese

fill with about a TB of regular or fake cream cheese

fold the blossom around the cheese and gently press shut

mix flour, panko, and a dash of salt

assemble your line

first dip in beaten eggs

then roll in flour mix

fry in hot oil (we use peanut), flipping once

drain on paper towels

so yummy!

Summer food really is simply delicious.

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