Sunday, February 3, 2013


Guacamole is something I love to eat in the winter. You can get good avocados in the winter when you can't get good tomatoes, plus all that yummy fat is great for the dry winters. We do eat lots of guacamole in the summer, but it just seems to taste better in the winter.

Whenever I buy avocados I buy them hard and let them ripen in my house, that way I know they aren't bruised by lots of squeezing. It does mean I have to plan ahead for guacamole, but I tend to always have avocados on hand. Once they start to ripen, they go fast, but you can slow it down by putting them in the fridge if you need to.

avocados, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, salt, and oil

mince your onions and jalapenos

put them in the bottom of the bowl so they get slightly crushed in the mashing

scoop out your avocados

I add a little salt in between each one

juice the lime over the whole thing

add a little oil, pepper, and I decided to add some cumin

smoosh it all together

then taste for seasoning

more salt and more lime

now fine chop your cilantro and stir in if you want it

serve and watch it disappear rapidly

Mole guacamole!

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