Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roasted brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts - a mostly misunderstood vegetable. We love them just as long as they aren't cooked whole. If you cook them whole it takes forever to cook and the whole thing is mushy. The only time you can cook them whole is if they are slightly bigger than peas. This is one of our favorite ways to cook them, roasted, in shreds, lightly seasoned.

The recipe originally said to grate the brussel sprouts, which I did the first time I made it. Never again, tedious, instead I just cut them in half and then cut the halves into thirds which almost achieves the same result. Before serving this you can sprinkle some daiya or parmesan on the sprouts to give them a little unctuousness.

brussel sprouts, oil, garlic, salt, pepper

cut off bottom and remove any dirty/holey leaves

peel and smash your garlic

halve the sprouts and then third the halves

toss with oil, garlic, salt, and pepper in a roasting pan

cook in a medium oven for 30 minutes stirring twice, then up the heat

you want them to caramelize on the outside, salt to taste and add a squirt of lemon if needed

serve with other yumminess

Viva la cruciferous ones!

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