Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kale salad

Who knew eating raw kale could be so simple and so yummy. As I learned from serious eats, it is all about the oil. Basically if you let kale sit in enough oil for long enough the waxy exterior will break down and the kale will suddenly taste sweet and delicious and still crunchy. I have been making this salad about once a week for awhile now and we still aren't tired of it. You can use any variety of kale and I like to mix and match. For crunch I use toasted pine nuts or flax seeds, but any nut should do. The salad is really just kale, oil, salt, raisins, nuts, and a hit of lemon for balance. You can make it ahead and let it marinate overnight and it will be even sweeter.

the ingredients, except that is lacinato kale, I forgot to include the curly leaf kale

my helper loves to rip the leaves for me

add oil and salt, then add more oil, and if you aren't sure - more oil and stir

toast your nuts

I add my raisins early so they plump up, mix together and let sit 3-4 hours

check with your other taster that you added enough oil and salt, then add your lemon juice

toss in nuts and serve - we just eat it out of the big bowl

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