Sunday, July 1, 2012

Creamy greens

Since I did regular greens last week, I will do creamy greens this week. If you are tired of just sauteing your greens, you can make them yummy again by creaming them. This recipe is adapted to use oil and coconut milk, but you can use butter and cream if you like. In the winter I like to make this and instead of cooking all the way on the stove I top it with breadcrumbs and bake it. In the summer I make it in my le creuset since it retains heat well and then I can leave the oven off. As with cooking all leafy greens, use very little salt until the end when everything is cooked down. Over-salting is really easy to do when everything looks so big.

kale, onion, garlic, salad mix, oil, coconut milk, salt, pepper, nutmeg

saute your onions in oil

add your thickest greens (ie kale, chard, collards), garlic, and a pinch of salt then cook until wilted

then add your light greens (salad mix, watercress, arugula) and coconut milk

grate some fresh nutmeg and add a dash of pepper

cover and simmer 30 minutes

it should look like this, I cut it in the pot, now you can salt to taste

enjoy with most anything - seen here with fava beans and quick fried tofu

Greens are good!

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