Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spinach and spring garlic soup

This is some seriously yummy soup. I made it based loosely on this recipe, which was based on a soup they had at the Zuni Cafe in 2008, which at that time one of my oldest friends would have been working there as a chef in training. I like to think he had a part in making the original soup. Does that make this his recipe?

this is spring garlic - make sure to use all the white and the light green

cut it from the bottom up removing the dark green parts as you go
keep cutting until there is no more light green left

spring garlic for soup, green leaves for stock

simmer in oil with a pat of butter, I threw in some fresh scapes from my garden

I also added two baby carrots that were limply hiding in my crisper

once that is all softened add spinach

cook until it just wilts

add veggie stock and for us a cup of coconut milk and simmer a bit

blend until it turns super green, then salt to taste

serve with something crunchy - I like croutons, grilled cheese sounds good too

Bon apetit!

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