Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter eggs

Even though we have hard boiled eggs galore, my kids still wanted egg toasts for breakfast on Easter. Usually we just plop a fried egg on toast, but since it was a holiday I made eggs in the hole. For these I like to mix it up a little with our cookie cutters. I have a bunny cutter, but it was too big, so I settled on hearts. I also decided a mash up was in order and I made a little florentine to go with it.

cut the shapes in the bread

mix a little butter, spinach, mayo, salt, and pepper

drop eggs in holes, no that isn't a double yolk, note the yolkless one for my eldest

toast the cutouts

cook spinach till it just wilts and turn off heat it will finish in the pan

plate the egg toasts

top with spinach and cutouts and serve


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