Friday, May 6, 2011

Scallion kimchi pancake mashup

I love serious eats. It is the one food site I read everyday [Yo Kenji you rock!]. And I can say 85% of the time the recipes I bookmark turn out spot on. I have made Kenji's scallion pancakes three times since he posted the recipe. But I recently saw some delicious savoy cabbage at the market and decide to make the quick kimchi recipe I bookmarked at the beginning of year. Well after that I saw the light and brought the two together for an impromptu serious eats food wedding.

gather ye ingredients

make the dough

look ma no hands

chop up the scallions for the wee ones and the kimchi for the big ones

make the sauce

I really love my microplane

roll out the dough with your little helper

fill with spicy yummy or just sweet onion yummy

fry, fry, fry - in peanut oil I say

plate and serve


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