Friday, July 29, 2011

Chocolate custard - sort of

This is my attempt at making a custard for my family. Since hubby is allergic to milk it makes things challenging. Now I already made a vanilla custard with the tapioca starch the clerk at whole foods swore up and down was just like corn starch but so much better. Fail! Unless you like your custard to develop boba tea like qualities even after you strained it twice. So this time I stuck with old faithful. My box of maizena corn starch. The custard was fairly easy to make with coconut milk, the only thing that happened was I used way too much sugar since I wasn't using any recipe. I ended up having to make a plain custard the next day to blend in and cut the sweetness, but all in all, the kids were happy, the husband was happy, and I made a decent custard.

all the ingredients in a row

dump 'milk', sugar, and cocoa into a pot

capture young child to stir your mix over a warm stove

I like to mix my egg yolks and starch

then temper before adding to the pot and cooking until thick

strain well, you don't want any lumps

let cool, while stirring every 15 minutes or so to prevent a skin

chill at least an hour

feed to happy children

Mmm chocolate!

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