Sunday, December 16, 2012


This is one of those simple things to make that most people buy. I have only made it a few times so far, but as is usually the case, the taste of homemade is far better than the store bought and I love my joya. I don't use a lot of tahini, but I might start trying to make more with it, it is so yummy. The tahini is best if you let it rest a day or two in the fridge before your first use. It has a little bitterness right after you grind the sesame seeds that turns into savoriness after a day.

In this recipe I use olive oil to help blend the seeds in my quickly dying blender. Clearly sesame seed oil would be best, but I can't find good, fresh tasting sesame seed oil. It always seems bitter, so instead of using something that tastes bad, I just use my good tasting olive oil that is always on hand. I buy my sesame seeds in bulk at the Indian grocery store. I buy a lot of things in bulk at the Indian grocery including spices. We use sesame seeds all the time for yummy rice, and now we use them for this. The small jar I made here will last me for at least two months and it should actually keep longer than that in the fridge.

plain hulled sesame seeds

toast in a medium hot pan until lightly browned (note that is oil from the seeds)

then transfer to the blender with some olive oil to help it break down

blend until desired smoothness, I like some whole seeds in mine

store in a jar in the refrigerator until ready to use

in hummus, salad dressing, dips, etc

Open sesame!

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