Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pickle explosion

Note: Another post that was supposed to go up a month ago. And I still don't have my new computer, it ships on Monday.

The farmers market was brimming with yummies, so it was time to make pickles. I already put up 3 quarts of dills, so I only needed a few more quarts to keep my boys happy. I also decided to experiment with dilly beans, okra with szechuan peppercorns, and other mix and match. What really matters is that you have a high acidity base, the spice is the fun part. Sadly the dilly beans didn't need to process as long as the rest, so they will be over done, but that is what happens. You have to process for the longest time needed. They will still be yummy, just not as crisp.

gather ye rosebuds

prep your clean jars with the spices

make your brine, I do 3pt vinegar/1pt water/2TB sugar - my husband hates this part (the smell)

pack your jars and fill with hot brine

can for the longest needed time

let set at least 3 weeks or 3 months if you are me

Then enjoy the pucker!