Monday, October 31, 2011

Black bean burgers

Another post from the time of missing pictures. These are super yummy homemade black bean burgers. They are also gluten free. They do have eggs, but technically they are also no dairy. I make these in big batches and freeze them for use throughout the summer. They grill well if you have a non-stick grill pan. Otherwise you can just throw them in a regular fry pan on the stove. Note, since this is from the time of the computer crash I have re-staged some of the pictures. I don't have any pictures of my pre-soaking the beans or of my cooking the burgers.

quinoa, oats, eggs, black beans, oil, salt, onions, and garlic
cook your quinoa

cook your black beans as you would if they were being served by themselves,
I use bay leaves, salt, chipotle en adobo, and a little sugar

I make my own oat flour in my blender and sift

combine oil, beans, quinoa, eggs, oat flour, onion, and garlic

blend until creamy

make 'burger' sized patties on wax paper in a sheet pan and freeze ~2 hours
you will need to do multiple batches

once frozen cut wax paper leaving burger attached and store in a bag in the freezer until ready to use

serve with cheese, tomato jam, roasted chiles, bbq sauce, grilled onions, whatever you like

These even please the meat eaters!