Sunday, January 6, 2013

Onion dip

This is what I make for hubbie as a dip/dressing because he can't eat any dairy. It is actually really yummy and far better than making lipton's onion dip with sour supreme. This can be made with regular sour cream and it can also be made vegan by using vegannaise, both of which I have done with much success.

The trick to this is to make it at least an hour in advance for the dried onions to hydrate and to use red onions for the fresh to give it the best flavor. I have tried other onions and red is definitely the way to go. I keep a jar of dried onion in the house just to make this recipe when the mood strikes.

sour supreme (or cream), mayonnaise (or vegannaise), soy sauce, dried onions, red onion

first add dried onions and finely diced red onion to the sour supreme

then add the mayo and soy sauce

stir it all really well

taste and decide a pinch of sugar is needed, then refrigerate for at least an hour

serve with un-buffalo wings, veggies, chips, etc


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