Sunday, December 23, 2012


So simple to make, yet so many reach for microwave popcorn. That stuff will kill you, just ask my SIL. She works for 3M and her husband is a food safety biologist. Microwave popcorn has the most/worst chemicals in any food product, so please make it fresh.

I was inspired to post this when I read that you can make popcorn with clarified butter. I have been using olive oil forever and then adding margarine or butter to the hot pan, but now I can skip that step. Making clarified butter takes all of 45 seconds, less time than it takes to heat the pan and measure the kernels. And the flavor is pretty spot on. That is what I was hoping for, neatly flavored buttery popcorn in one simple step.

butter, corn, salt

melt butter over medium heat (it goes fast)

strain butter into heavy pot

add kernels to cover bottom and toss to coat

cover with super high lid and cook on medium high

once popping slows to almost stopped remove from burner, it will keep popping

once it stops popping remove lid and see the all-in-one simplicity

season with salt/nutritional yeast/whatever you like

Now to decide on the movie!

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