Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate cake

For my son's fifth birthday I decided to make a lego cake. He had requested chocolate cake with green frosting, but being a lego cake I could go anywhere with it. This is a recipe from Food and Wine called Mom's Chocolate Cake, and it is really, really, really good. I have another chocolate cake recipe that I pretty much have to throw away at this point.

The pan I used for this recipe is a half sheet pan, so everything you see is in double proportions from the original recipe. I also made four types of frosting for this cake and they were all good, but the chocolate frosting was causing fights amongst the adults who didn't get any. It almost got ugly, but fortunately I was able to split a few pieces further and placate everyone.

eggs, butter, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, unsweetened chocolate, baking soda and powder

weigh your chocolate and sift your dry ingredient except sugar

this is where the moisture comes in, boil sugar in water until it dissolves

then stir in butter and chopped chocolate and let cool

once cool add eggs, then stir in dry ingredients

pour into buttered and floured pan and bake

it will be barely springy when done

now cut out rounds from the vegan cake you made yesterday

lego circles - activate

then begin to frost with a slightly runny frosting

that is the chocolate frosting that really should have been the whole cake

here is the green the birthday boy requested

and lastly vanilla for those who like the old standby

serve to happy boy

Happy birthday my middlest!

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