Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rhubarb pie

I have to thank one of my three stepmothers for this. Thanks Veda. She showed me that rhubarb pie is far better than rhubarb/strawberry pie. Yes, I know, I heart strawberries as you should know, but in pie, they are too sweet and cloying, kinda like why I don't really like blueberry pie. Now I can rock the rhubarb/strawberry jam no problem. But rhubarb, you magical rhizome you. I really love you in pie. Alone. By yourself. With little else. 

I actually forgot to take pictures of the making until the end, but don't worry, I will make another before the summer is through. And this is not my ideal pie. I read a recipe about an apple pie that had a crust and a crumb top, a sort of mash-up. It sounded good in theory and I only had one pre-made (by hubbie) pie crust in the freezer and opted to try the crumb top instead of making another batch of crust. It wasn't really a mistake, but I won't do it like this again. My magical rhubarb deserves better. Essentially I take 6-8 stalks of rhubarb, chop them somewhere between a 1/4 inch to 1/2 cubes. I like them to be uneven. I macerate them in sugar overnight, add lemon juice, salt, and flour, pop it all in the chilled crust, top with ideally a lattice crust, but in this case a disappointing crumb, and bake at 375 until done (~45 minutes).

make pie as instructed and don't use a crumb!

cool pie on rack, so crust stays flaky on botton

serve with good vanilla ice cream

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