Sunday, July 7, 2013

Braised artichokes

We picked up some baby artichokes at the store the other day. We all love artichokes and braising baby artichokes makes them delicious and easy to eat. Although making whole artichokes and dipping them is a lot of fun, it is a big mess with three kids, so this is a good compromise. Baby artichokes are only in season for a short time and I can't bring myself to pare down and throw away most of a mature artichoke to get it to the soft braising part, so we make this once a year.

baby chokes, butter, garlic, lemon, salt

top the artichokes, pull off outer leaves, and cut in half

let halves sit in acidulated water

melt butter with garlic

arrange artichokes in a oven dish and pour garlic butter over them and salt liberally

cover and cook until fork tender

turn at least once while cooking

then serve as a delicious side

I used to pick artichokes in my yard when I was a kids. Now I buy them at the store.

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