Saturday, November 19, 2011

Roasted tomatoes

I know, I know more tomatoes. I think I have mentioned that they are my eldest's favorite food. And I have to say—I do adore them also. This recipe is great for off season tomatoes, like when you just need to feel a little bit summery in the dead of winter. Otherwise it is even better with in season tomatoes when they are on sale, because no matter how many you buy, it won't be enough.

The original recipe for this is from Food and Wine and was an Irish recipe if I remember correctly that also had a super yummy brown bread recipe with it for eating the tomatoes on. That recipe called for a parsley blend on top of the tomatoes. I like to use summer pesto, harrisa, whatever seems to come together in the moment. And of course a few unadorned ones for the picky eater in the house.

tomatoes, salt, oil, pesto, hot peppers, garlic, shallots

rough chop shallots, peppers, and garlic

mash with oil, salt, and a pinch of sugar

thick slice the tomatoes

arrange on oiled baking sheet and lightly salt tops

then top with pesto, plain oil, pepper mix, whatever seems yummy and roast for at least 2 hours

serve with homemade bread
Melt in your mouth yumminess!