Sunday, December 18, 2011

Veggie hash

Who doesn't love a good hash. This is one of those throw together at the last minute recipes for me when I am scratching my head wondering what we are going to eat tonight. I always have potatoes and onions and oil and salt, so it is just a matter of checking the drawers and seeing what else I want to throw in to make it yummier. I try to stick with root vegetables for hash as they cook well together in the brown round as we call at the end when you are trying to crisp everything up. You can also use a beet or two for a traditional red-flannel hash. I didn't have any on hand.

potatoes, onions, oil, salt, paprika

chop potatoes into small pieces, and look I found some carrots and parsnips

start cooking the vegetables in oil on medium

dice your onion, hey look a hard boiled egg and some sad mushrooms

add onion to the pot and cook covered till potatoes start to soften

throw in the mushrooms if you have them and briefly cook covered

season with salt and paprika to taste
cook flipping in sections till crispy adding more oil if needed

I ate mine topped with chopped egg, ketchup, and tabasco

papa smurf went for tapatio and a over easy egg

A nice stick to your ribs breakfast.

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