Saturday, November 23, 2013

Caramel apples

We make these are a once a year, although my kids would love it if I made them more often, but caramel is a pain in the tush. You have to stay on top of it so it doesn't burn, but you can't turn the heat up to make it cook faster, because then it will burn. We make them with coconut milk since hubby is allergic to milk (protein). I am not sure how they would work with margarine but the caramel is pretty darn yummy without the cream.

apples, sugar, corn syrup, coconut milk, butter, vanilla, salt

melt butter

spear apples with sticks

add sugar and a dash or to of salt to melted butter

stir well

add corn syrup

and coconut milk

cook to soft ball 240 stirring a lot (the pain in the... part)

turn off heat and stir in vanilla

then dip your apples swirling to coat

pour excess in lined pan

allow caramel to set up

then enjoy with lots of smiles

Such favorite, much yum!

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