Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mushroom gravy (+roux)

This is a favorite this time of year. I have tried making different types of veggie gravy, but I keep coming back to this one. The hardest part about this is making the roux. If you haven't ever made a roux, make a much larger quantity than I make here. It is a 2:1 ratio flour to oil. It can burn really fast and you have to be on top of it, it will take longer to burn if you have more in the pot. Also when you add the onions be careful, it earned it's nickname 'cajun napalm' for a reason. I usually wear glasses and an apron while cooking so I haven't had more than a little splash on me, but it sticks.

In this version I used a cube of porcini butter that I had in my freezer, but you can easily substitute plain butter, or vegan butter. or omit altogether. Also do not add salt until the very end it will affect the result if you do. One of my favorite smells ever in the kitchen is when you add the onions to the roux.

mushrooms, oil, flour, butter, veggie stock, salt, pepper

clean and slice your mushrooms

remember you need onions for the roux so mince some

saute mushrooms in scant oil until browned on both sides

add flour to oil and heat over medium high

chop sauteed mushrooms

stir flour/oil mix constantly, scraping it to the middle and out again

keep scraping and turn off heat once it reaches caramel color

it will keep cooking so add onions (and here butter) to stop the cooking

then stir in mushrooms

save half for another batch and transfer the rest to a pot with veggie stock cubes

add a cup of water and simmer 15 minutes

then blend, you can turn it off here if making early in the day for later

now taste and add salt, sugar, sage, whatever seasonings you like, then add more liquid

bring back up to medium simmer before serving and cook stirring until desired thickness

enjoy on all sorts of yummies

Bon apetit!

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