Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zucchini and potato fritters

This is what we do with summer zucchini when we have too much. We make yummy fritters. My kids will eat anything fried and these are just that. Plus they are eating vegetables, sort of. The secret ingredient is cornmeal, but don't try adding fresh corn, not matter how yummy it sounds. I tried that once and the corn explodes in the hot oil even tucked in the fritters. Good times were had in the kitchen that day. I couldn't not make the fritters, I just had to drop and dodge. Fortunately we have a splatter guard. But corn fried in hot oil is actually really yummy.

The fritters take a little pre-prep, but they are so worth it. 

the csa provides

fine grate the zucchini for smoother fritters, large grate for crispier

only large grate the potatoes

salt the zucchini and soak the potatoes for about half an hour

drain the potatoes and squeeze the zucchini dry (save the zucchini water if you want)

cry a lot and rasp your onion into the bowl

add an egg and the corn meal

mix well

shape and fry in peanut oil or corn oil

drain and keep warm in the oven

double kid friendly with ketchup

Mmm, mmm good

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