Thursday, October 27, 2011


Spicy food rocks and to make food spicy I love harissa. I make this all year round. It is easy to make with winter jalapenos, spring serranos, frozen thai bird chiles, you can make it whenever, but it is also fun to make when all the different summer hot peppers are ripe and you can mix a bunch of hot pepper flavors and can it for later. Then it is so much more complex and flavorful. But again, in the winter, just grab a bunch of jalapenos or serranos and go for it.

peppers, garlic, salt, oil, and water

mix together and since I am canning it, I am adding lemon juice to retain color

process and add water to make it smooth

heat oil to almost smoking, note my spatter screen for when I add watery peppers to hot oil

cook on high from this

to this, stirring often, it should take about 15-20 minutes

can into a jar size you can use in a month once open

Viva la spice!