Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spicy tofu

Yes, it is another yummy Asian dish and another two-fer. I decided to make spicy tofu with the chinese long beans my middlest picked out. Did I mention how much stuff we bought at H-Mart? The long bean recipe is something I have been making for years and yes, I first saw it in Food and Wine. The spicy tofu, is all mine.

really just the tofu in this picture ignore the rest

rinse and drain your tofu

cut into moderately thick slices

make your sauce: kecap manis, olive oil, and gochujang
you can use any oil, soy based sauce, and spicy sauce for variations

grate in some ginger and mix it up

spread it liberally onto the tofu and then flip them

and coat the other side, I let them sit for an hour to marinate

slow bake at 325 turning every 15 minutes until crunchy on the edges

serve with long beans and vermicelli
Xiang Shou! (I think that is right if the translator worked)

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