What am I doing here?

I thought I would just state for the record why I started this blog. No I don't want my own cooking show or a small cult following of rabid vegetarians. I started this blog because I have three very young kids and I am extremely morbid. What if something happens to me tomorrow? Who is going to make their favorite tomato soup? Salt and pepper grilled cheese sandwiches? Who will teach them how to make all the yummy things they love? I will.

Now my husband can cook, he just isn't passionate about it, so it is good, but rarely fantastic. I, however, live first for my kids and second to cook. I love cooking. I blame my dad, he made everything from scratch, every sauce, every marinade, every meatball, every pie and crust. He was an awesome cook. He taught me that if you don't make your own you go down to the italian deli and buy fresh pasta. If you want to eat good food you find the tamale stand, the hole in the wall bbq pit, the diner with the best burger. He had a nose for finding the best food without trying, I thank my lucky stars every day that I inherited that from him. Ask my husband I know how to pick them, and pick them blind. My dad's parents were also great cooks, but they always made fun food for us grandkids - tacos, potato pancakes, homemade spaghetti, trips to baskin robbins, you know what grandparents are supposed to do. My mom can also cook, she just rarely did while I was growing up. I ate lots of chef-boyardee, tv dinners, and soup. I can remember some good food, but I never remember her cooking. I started to teach myself how to cook the basics in junior high school. Her mom taught me how to make desserts - cookies, cakes, pastries. She had lots of bridge parties and I had lots of little yummies.

That is it in a nutshell. For me cooking = love. I love my kids and with or without me they will learn how to cook with love.