Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tomato sauce (sunday)

Now that I have all these canned tomatoes, I get to use them all year long. This is my version of a Sunday sauce where you simmer the ingredients all day long as opposed to a fresh sauce that comes together quickly.

My dad used to make a Sunday sauce and his dad and our Uncle Bill used to fight over who made the better Sunday sauce. I even vaguely remember a sauce off in my grandparents kitchen when I was a child. My dad always served his with homemade meatballs, fresh pasta, and garlic bread. For my kids, just the garlic bread and some frozen veggie balls. One day fresh pasta, but making pasta and sauce on the same day still intimidates me.

canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, oregano, oil, and salt

simmer onions and garlic in oil until soft

chop most of the basil and oregano saving some for later

remember you need a bay leaf, and some dried porcini for flavor

quick work of the porcinis

stir it into the onions

then add your canned tomatoes and sauce

let simmer all day, stirring occasionally

then I add more fresh basil right before serving, remove the bay leaf

blend it all together

simmer a little bit longer

finish your pasta in the sauce

and serve with veggie balls, grated cheese, and pepper flakes


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