Monday, July 11, 2011

Favas with mint

We discovered the magic of fava beans about 6 years ago and every year when they come in season I make this recipe. I have saved recipes for fava bean hummus, favas with tomatoes, and many more, but their season is so fleeting and this preparation is so tasty, we just don't do anything else with them. Granted it can seem tedious to have to double peel and cook the beans, but it is so worth it. And if you have kids, fun for them to. Wink.

simple ingredients for savory results

separate the 'beans' from the pods

blanch in boiling water to loosen outer skin

who needs an ice bath when your tap water comes from a glacier

make a small tear in the outer skin and pop the bean out

chop the mint and garlic

saute garlic, mint, and beans in olive oil until the garlic is just cooked thru
season with salt

serve at room temperature

Mmmm, mmm, good.

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