Monday, August 6, 2012

Grated cauliflower

You can make grated cauliflower anyway you want: plain with oil and salt, with Indian spices, with Chinese spices, with Mexican spices. The trick is to cook the cauliflower until it is nicely browned. That makes it most yummy.

For this version I used Indian spices and cauliflower from our CSA. If you want you can also stir in yogurt at the end with the peas to make it creamier.

cauliflower, onions, oil, salt, and spices

a food processor makes the grating easy

cook in oil with tumeric

and some amchoor until browned

then chop your onion

heat more oil in same pot with some cumin

add onions and some garam masala and cook until softened

then add browned caulifower back in

and some raisins and simmer 30 minutes or so

five minutes before serving add frozen peas (my picky eater loves peas)

so they just barely come to temperature

serve over rice with roasted tofu

Yummy even for those who avoid eating cauliflower.

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