Sunday, November 4, 2012


Potatoes, eggs, and onions; every western culture seems to have a recipe that is built upon these three things. Latkes, bubble and squeak (w/cabbage), a spanish omelette, and probably many more that I haven't had yet. This is the swedish/norwegian version and is favorite of the kids. I like the spanish omelette or the latke better, but hubby and the kids like this one.

This recipe is really just one big latke with a softer center. If I was making latkes I would do everything the same except add a little matzo flour and fry into separate cakes. For this and for latkes I find myself just using a box grater. I know it is fast in the food processor, but there is more clean up. It seems to take the same amount of effort either way.

potatoes, shallots (for onions), eggs, oil, garlic, salt pepper

peel and box grate your potatoes

rinse the potatoes to remove the starch

mince garlic and chop your onions

while the potatoes drain

add onions, garlic, salt and pepper to your eggs

then add dried potatoes shreds and mix well

smoosh it all into a well oiled hot pan

let cook covered 30 minutes or so

then flip onto a plate (takes practice I know)

and return to well oiled pan

serve with hot sauce and ketchup for the kids

Always ketchup for the kids!

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