Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is another recipe from Savoring Mexico by Marilyn Tausend. I really mean it when I say the book is awesome, all the recipes are excellent. I make these every other month in a big batch and freeze them in jars that are the perfect family serving size. We use them for burrito night, to make refried beans, or to just be a yummy side to some other type of mexican deliciousness. My husband is always so happy when he sees me soaking pinto beans.

I grew up in southern california and have a love for all things mexican. Pinatas, jarritos, lucha libre, family style, you name it, I love it. I moved from cali to nyc and suddenly realized how bad mexican food can be. I had to use my taste memory to teach myself how to cook mexican in order to be able to eat anything worthwhile, this is where the cookbook came in. A lot of things I could do once I figured out the basic ingredients and methodology. Now not all mexican in nyc is bad, the red hook ball fields are a bastion of ex-calis looking for a fix, and the chinese/mex mash up is rather delicious, but not authentic. Anywho, I digress, these beans are a foundation and they are a staple to have on hand far better than anything in a can.

simple ingredients

soak beans overnight - WITH SALT!

bring to simmer in a pot and skim off initial foam

add oil, chopped onions, cumin, and chipotle en adobo

simmer for a long time - read all day on the back burner

secret sauce alert, about an hour or so before serving add a whole bunch of fresh epazote

cook until leaves are just about to fall apart, drain juices back into beans

serve as burritos, sides, etc

freeze the rest for later


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