Monday, June 27, 2011


I keep a lot of my veggie 'waste' and freeze it to make stock later. I know it is time to make it once my beat up bag is full. I keep all my leek tops, chard/kale stems, fennel tops, and now also my spring garlic tops. I also keep all my broccoli stems, but those I use to make cream of broccoli soup, which I also add some of my frozen veggie stock too. You can also keep your asparagus stems to make cream of asparagus soup, but don't put them in your stock, if you do everything you make with it will be asparagus-y.  Also this stock is concentrated so when you do use it, use roughly a 1:1 ratio with water to dilute. You can also add water to taste depending on what you are making with it.

This is easy to make while you are cooking other things and it something that is great to have in the freezer for last minute recipes. Since it starts from frozen it will take a bit to cook and it is one of many recipes I use my chinois for. My chinois is one of those kitchen tools that once I had it, I found a million uses for it so I keep it easily accessible. Anywho, on with the stock making...

dump frozen veggie ends in a pot with water, dried herbs, and salt

simmer until the veggies are soft and pliable,
adding water as needed to keep the pot full

smoosh into a large pot or bowl through a chinois
until you have extracted all the veggie goodness
note: I went from a full pot of veggies to only 3/4 cup of tough fibers

I like to do a second strain for any stray bits from the first round

cool, transfer to jars, and freeze to use in soups, sauces, etc


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