Monday, August 27, 2012

Broccoli soup

Save the broccoli I say!

We tend eat a lot of the stems when we make broccoli, but some of the tougher ones we freeze and store up until we have enough to make broccoli soup. I like to also add a fresh head of broccoli for some nice color. Before you freeze the stems peel the knobs and rough skin off with a peeler or a knife. I like this soup to be fresh so I try not to cook it for too long. Just enough to cook the stems through and then soften the florets.

fresh broccoli, frozen stems, onions, veggie stock, oil, salt and pepper

quick saute your fresh chopped broccoli florets to barely cook them, save half for garnish

chop your onion

soften in some oil

add frozen stems and cook covered 10 minutes

than add stock and half the sauted florets

simmer another 10 minutes

remove from heat and you can add cream, soy milk, or coconut milk (seen here)

then blend the heck out of it

if you have a chinois, use it, or skip if you like chunky soup

all the tough bits get left behind

chop reserved florets and add to bowls

top with soup and serve with yummy beets

Viva la vegetable!

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