Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kale with wild rice

My in-laws being in Wisconsin often send us bags of wild rice, technically not a rice, but still yummy. If you haven't ever had it, it is longer than regular rice and has a slightly tea like flavor with a lot of chew. Definitely good with mushy winter stew like things. I decided to use the bag in a crock-pot meal with some kale and other vegetables from our winter CSA. It was very satisfying, but not very colorful. 

kale, rice, oil, garlic, onion, random crisper vegetables, wine, salt, and pepper

separate your kale leaves from the stems

add chopped leaves and chopped vegetable to a pre-heated crockpot

saute chopped onion and chopped kale stems in oil

add white wine leftover from a party and a bay leaf and let cook a little

then add onion/kale stem mix, salt, and pepper

once it has cooked down enough stir in the rice

let cook all day, rice will pop when it is done

And yes I forgot to take a picture of the actual food served. I know, I know.

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