Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cornbread pudding

I have been slowly using up all the frozen food I put up last summer and we are almost there. We have a few bags of roasted chiles which are fine, since those aren't in season until August, then frozen blueberries, but we eat those all the time, a bag of squash which I have been throwing cubes of in things here and there, and finally a big bag of grilled corn. It was time to finish the corn so I decided on a mash-up of cornbread and corn pudding since I am not a fan of either, but my husband is. It turned out really well and the leftovers fried up nicely for breakfasts.

corn, cornmeal, flour, milk (coconut), onion, eggs, sugar, and salt

soak the cornmeal (ours is coarse) in part water part milk for a good hour or two

then add some sugar

and a dash of salt

chop up some onion

stir into soaked cornmeal with the whole corn kernels

beat eggs (if you don't want eggs, just skip, it won't puff up though)

add to mix with enough flour to make a cake batter consistency

cook in medium hot oven until it browns on top

let cool at least 15 minutes

serve slices with veggie smeat and spinach

I might actually make this again since it was so yummy.

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