Thursday, October 30, 2014

Veggie meatballs

These are our new favorite smeatball . As usual the recipe is from Food and Wine, but it was a real recipe for veggie meatballs, not just my interpretation of one. These are good with pasta, rice, on sandwiches, however you want them. I like to make them a day or two ahead of time, sometimes in big batches to use all week.

eggplant, mushrooms, garlic, eggs, flour, almond meal, bread crumbs, oil, soy, salt

roast your eggplant and then peel

and chop, I like my kitchen shears

mince your mushrooms and saute to release juices

mix eggplant, mushrooms, minced garlic, soy, almond meal, and miso (last minute addition)

then add eggs

then add breadcrumbs

form into balls and roll in flour

chill at least an hour - they need to be firm

then fry in hot oil till brown on all sides

finish or reheat in sauce

eat them up yum


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