Monday, May 14, 2012

Cheesy baked quinoa

This is a riff on macaroni and cheese that I came up with when my middlest was starting to eat solids but using quinoa to make it healthier. The kids love it and it is more of a souffle than actual mac and cheese, but it is good and pretty healthy even with all the cheese. Now that we have discovered the magical vegan cheese sauce I can make it when my husband isn't out of town, which was the only time I had been making it for the past year or so.

If you want to make this with real cheese just sub the cheese sauce for lots of grated cheese and some milk and use more grated cheese on top. While my husband likes daiya and we can use it for a melty top layer for us, my eldest loathes it and won't touch food with it on it, so we compromise.

I use red and white quinoa, margarine (or butter), salt

rinse quinoa and cook in salted water with margarine,
if using red and white add white 10 minutes after the red

then gather your cheese sauce and some eggs

mix them together well

drain your cooked quinoa and stir into egg mix

pour into baking dish and top half with daiya and half without for picky eaters

bake for 45 minutes or until it poofs up and just starts to brown

serve jackson pollack style with ketchup and siracha or just with ketchup for the kids
Now I want to make this for dinner tomorrow!

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