Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Irish potatoes

This is the other thing I made for St. Patrick's day dinner. My friends Mother-in-Law told me how to make Irish potatoes, although the very first time I ever had them was at Connie O's in Greenpoint on St. Patrick's day. I still have my hat from that day. I had tried to figure out how to make them on my own but it took three years and one Irish MIL of a friend later for me to learn the art. It is actually quiet simple.

First you want smaller potatoes usually red or yukon. You need to cook them skin on and keep them just barely at a boil, never a hard boil. Then you skin them and fry them in lots of butter. They are so good.

As an added bonus I have included boiled cabbage in this recipe, that's all it is. Boiled cabbage with butter and salt and pepper. It is super simple and super yummy. If you haven't ever made it, make it now. I just boil my cabbage in the same water I used for my potatoes, so by the time I cool them enough to skin them and then fry them the cabbage is ready also.

potatoes, butter, salt, pepper, oil

add water to cover potatoes and keep just under a boil until potatoes are cooked through

remove potatoes from water and let cool slightly

add cabbage quarters and salt to the water and keep it simmering

peel the potatoes with a knife, remove all the bits and nubs

toss in some salt

melt 'butter' in oil (next time I am using real butter, the margerine wasn't as good)

fry potatoes flipping occasionally

meanwhile drain cabbage and toss with 'butter', salt, and pepper

potatoes should be brown and crispy on the outside

drain on paper towels for a minute or two

then serve with cabbage, veggie rashers, bread, and guiness

see here we are post irish potatoes and beer circa 2006


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