Sunday, March 31, 2013

Winter soup

I know just in time for spring, but I made this last week when we had over a foot of snow. This is a recipe from food and wine for a Nordic soup using winter vegetables. It was one of those recipes where I could read the recipe and tell we were going to like it, so I documented it. It was very yummy and I think you can use other root vegetables, I just wouldn't use potatoes or sweet potatoes since they add too much starch to the broth. The multi-onion base makes the soup.

leeks, onions, garlic, parsnips, celery root, barley, spinach, oil, nutmeg, salt and pepper

slice leeks and onions, mince garlic

saute in oil until softened

stir barley into the onions and cook a few minutes until toasty

cube parsnips and celery root (peel the celery root well)

add to base with bay leaves

add veggie stock (I used my concentrate cubes and water) and simmer until veggies are done

stir in spinach and a generous amount of nutmeg

cook until just wilted

serve with homemade crusty bread

Very satisfying on a cold day.

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