Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rhubarb redux

See I told you I would make another rhubarb pie. And I even forgot to take pictures again. This time I remembered to take pictures of the beginning, but when it came time to roll the dough and fill the pie, I sort of forgot. See we went to the farmers market while the dough was chilling and ended up being out longer than expected. So when we got I home I was rushing to get the dough rolled to chill again so we could bake and cool the pie, so the kids would be able to eat it at least a few minutes before bedtime. We really were gone too long and I should have saved the pie for the next day. But when you tell your kids they are having pie, you had better give them pie if you want to live. =)

I had an a-ha moment when making this pie. See I know fruit pies are messy and I have put pans in the oven to catch the drip, but I always put them on the rack below. I am baking a pie again in two days that I have to pre-bake the crust for (my personal failure when it comes to pies) and I was reading that someone puts the pie on a pre-heated baking sheet to help the bottom cook faster and not be soggy. I haven't ever had issues with a soggy bottom, but I saw the immediate value in that I could rotate my pie mid-cook without all sorts of finagling trying to keep my potholders from ruining the crimped crust and I could pull the pie out easily to put on the pie ring. A-ha! Needless to say all my pies will be cooked on baking sheets from now on.

make your dough

chop your rhubarb - I like mixed sizes

macerate at least 3 hours in a 2:1 rhubarb to sugar ratio,
then add salt, lemon juice, and flour

forget to take pictures, roll out dough, chill, put in pan, crimp, add filling, and top

bake on a baking sheet - woo hoo!

pie's done

rapid cooling method, not recommended, but bed time is in an hour

as usual serve with vanilla ice cream or coconut bliss

I heart pie!

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