Friday, October 7, 2011

Sad raspberries

This one is for my sister.
I finally have all my files back, but I don't have a computer yet, so I am not working at full capacity. Did I also mention that my computer not only crashed but also didn't download a bunch of pictures from my camera even though it claimed to have. Needless to say I deleted them from the camera before I found out. Okay on with the sad raspberries.

We went berry picking at a local berry farm. We picked a flat of raspberries and they had golden raspberries which taste a little like champagne and honey. They are so good. 


The kids actually ate a whole pint on the ride home, but the next day they were all about the red raspberries. Then the next day I needed to make jam, since raspberries do not last. I had envisioned making a lovely golden raspberry syrup to put on crepes for a super yummy treat. I started to cook the raspberries down. Then all heck broke loose. The boys got in a fight, woke up my daughter, I couldn't get her back to sleep. There was all sorts of yelling and commotion and then I smelt it. The smell of burning sugar.

worst sight ever

Needless to say, my dreams of golden raspberry anything were over.