Sunday, April 8, 2012

Potato pancakes

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

Here is a recipe from my grandmother. Growing up we would always know when she was making potato pancakes as she would start the grating first thing in the morning and do it throughout the day as it can be tedious. She would always be feeding at least 8-10 people for each meal so she needed 3xs as many potatoes. We loved these so much and I am planning on instilling that love in my children. It took me years to get the real recipe out of my grandmother, which involved sitting in her kitchen and trying to make them with her there so she could correct me. She even has a spoon from her wedding set that she uses to pour the exact right amount of batter. She has put my name on the spoon for the future as I am the only one who makes the pancakes in the family.

Now, I have modified the recipe here a bit as my husband grew up eating a latke like potato pancake and he did not absolutely love these the first time I made them. It all depends on what you grow up with, but I am slowly converting him and adding less and less potato shreds. If you want to make these vegan add a little soy milk in place of the eggs to help bind the flour. Also note my grandmother would grate everything by hand, including the onions! Thank heavens for food processors.

potatoes, onion, eggs, flour, salt, pepper, and oil for frying

peel your potatoes and onions

shred one potato and put in a bowl with water, or omit and box it like the rest for the real deal

grate the onion in the processor to save your eyes

now for the hard part, box grate the rest of the potatoes into mush

mix in eggs, salt, and pepper

squeeze dry the shreds if using and add with flour to the mix

stir and let sit, if you have this much water after an hour you need more flour,
the batter should be runny, but not liquid

now spread them out on an oiled fry pan, you will need to use a spoon to get them the right thickness

flip once when nicely browned

serve with butter, salt, pepper, ketchup, hot sauce, applesauce, and any variation of the above

Best served hot of the griddle!

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