Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going light

Things here are going to be a little light for a bit. I decided my new years resolution was to go through all the recipes I have saved and make them all. I have a system. I read my food magazines and cut out the recipes I like then recycle the rest. Once I make a recipe it is either permanently filed if it is good or trashed if it is bad or not something I would make again. Right now I have 112 recipes saved from magazines and 45 bookmarked recipes. That may seem easy, just 2-3 recipes a week, except I have subscriptions to Saveur, Food and Wine, Cooks Illustrated, and the Diner Journal, not to mention the food blogs I read regularly. I probably save at least 20 recipes a month and I usually make about 5 right away, so now I need to step up my game and get caught up.

I am not going to make any of my saved desserts. Those I am more selective about saving. I have been making desserts since I was five so I can read a dessert recipe and know if I am going to like it, I haven't gotten that good at savory recipes. I am also waiting on some of the recipes for certain thing to come back in season like asparagus, sunchokes, fresh tomatoes, etc. I will probably document some of them, but the purpose of this blog is for recipes we love and I don't know if we love these yet so they will only make the cut if they are really good.

Wish me luck.

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